Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Political Forum

Let us know how you feel about the Bailout, Obama, the Government in general.


Anonymous said...

so Obama is urging congress to vote on this new 3.6 trillion dollar budget. Just to put it in perspective, think about this... There are approx. 330 million people in the U.S. So EVERYONE alive in America - men, women, children, babies, illegal aliens, the homeless, the incarcerated, the sick and the dying would have to pay almost $11,000 each just to pay for this budget. That is just this round of spending. Don't forget about the OMNIBUS bill just passed, the 2 bailouts, etc. which themselves add up to TRILLIONS! One Trillion dollars is a million multiplied by a million... we do not even have a million millionares in this country. We get preached to by this administration about not spending more than we make, not to run up credit cards and not to build up monstrous amounts of debt, however they are hypocrites and keep spending. This administration is out of control, and it is not just Obama, it is the congress, both houses. We as Americans need to remember this the next time up to the poles. It is not just important to conduct research on whom we want for our president, but who we vote for as our Senators and our Congressmen/women before we vote. Most people who vote just pick a Democrat or Republican for president and then just vote for all Republicans or Democrats down the line. Someone recently said to me the we need to take a civics course before we vote and he was right! The President only has so much power...and the ones that actually make a majority of policies, write the bills/laws, declare war etc. are the Congress. Our country is spinning out of control. We have less, spend more, give more to the government, have less freedoms, and have to tip toe around and if we disagree we are labeled as rascists, old-fashioned, superstitious if we are people of faith (any faith), etc. This is our country, 'of the people and by the people', and they are our votes, and our voices that do count. We should not be ignorant, dismissive, or bullied. This administration and this Congress complain about everything, offer no solutions except to throw money at the problem, and bully those who do not agree with them. I for one am tired of the excuses. For example how this Congress and this President accept no responsiblity whatsoever for the problems that we have now. The majority have been in Washington for the last few years when most of these problems occured. Whatever happened to, "The buck stops here"?

Anonymous said...

Almost jokingly, I correct myself. President Obama is now quoting "the buck stops here." Everything that ever happened that was perceived to be negative from January, 2001 to Inauguration Day 2009 has been called by Obama to be the fault of Bush's administration. Yesterday, Obama actually quoted the above phrase. Although in one sentence he said this, the rest of his statement was still blaming everyone else including 'the Bush administration' for the recent debacle. I'm referring to the AIG bonus situation and the LAST MINUTE loopholes that were added to this latest stimulus bill so that the AIG and other bonuses given out to companies 'we the people' bailed out' may be kept by the employees. Sen. Dodd 2 days prior said that he knew nothing about it and yesterday admitted that HE was the one that added the loopholes. He was asked to do this at the urging of the President, the tresury department and the Fed. So after Sen Dodd's on camera admition and subsequent blame he placed onto the President, Geithner, and the FED. (Just to let you know - the WH and the FED also knew and supported the giving of these bonuses - self admittingly.) Now mind you there is a whole lot to this and the bonus amounts are such a small amount, compared to the money borrowed and the credit lines still available. These tactics in washington including those used by the President are the same as usual - SOP. So quote some of your predecessors, Mr. President, and compare yourself to Lincoln as you may. However, mean it when you say it. The people who voted for you were looking for change, and the only change I have seen is for the worse.

Also - Mr. President instead of going on Jay Leno for more words that mean nothing, and instead of worrying about your basketball picks, worry and care for the people who have and do defend our rights here in our beautiful country.

proud american said...

First I want to say "Bravo!" to those americans who excersized their first amendment rights yesterday to free speech and free assembly by attending and/or supporting the many tea parties yesterday (close to 1000 parties). The estimates so far are close to 250,000 people. This was not about democrat, or republican and organized by individuals, ordinary americans.

The coverage of these peaceful demonstrations and the response to them is disturbing however. I personally watched CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news channels to see their reactions and coverage. I cannot believe that CNN and MSNBC villified these true americans for voicing their opinions, just as people on both sides of many issues have since before America became the Unitd States. These people have very short memories, and have obviously no true knowledge of the history of our country. First CNN, MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi and many other Left-winged leaders, and politicians stated INNCORRECTLY that this was about the right-winged republican agenda and organized by "red" groups. Second, many of these same people are classifying those who attended as extremists. They made many more comments that were degrading and incorrect.
How does everyone else feel about this?

Also doesn't the left have many groups that have peaceful assemblies and protests and some of those do tend to cross the line, but it is our right as americans to protest or assemble peacefully, but I hear nothing condemning any of these gatherings whether people cross the line or not. Infact the New york times has given no coverage of yesterday's events at all, but they do cover the pope and a protest in Afghanistan. If it were 1/4 million leftists people protesting the war or anything they would have called it "the Million ______ March", but it was 1/4 million + independants, democrats and republicans protesting many things such as higher taxes, the attack on our liberties, the out of control spending that started with the Bush administration and has been rapidly expanded with the Obama administration, the lack of term limits for our legislative branch, the rapid expanse of our government's control, the fact that the government is 25% of the GDP, etc.
How does everyone feel about that?

Graphics Girl said...

So is this still America? We have a President and Congress now, who have forgotten that we have a Constitution.

We support a woman's right to choose, but we may lose the right to defend ourselves with arms of any sort.

We have 18 Czars and counting that answer not to the people, but to one man, the President. This latest "pay czar" will not only dictate to those companies that received bailout funds what they can pay their employees, but also to ALL other finanicial, american car companies, and other large corporations, and not just to top executives.

Most of the supposive free press has been enamered, bullied etc. so they won't or can't ask the hard questions, or report the news unbiased.

Major Networks are receiving taxpayer funds to produce documentaries, news reports and television shows that reflect and push one party's agendas such as healthcare, energy, and aethism.

The Federal Government has been systematically infringing on and eliminating individual and States rights for many years especially the past 6 months. The same rights - so important that they are protected in the Bill of Rights.

The census has moved to the White House, which will affect which communities receive which government funds, and will change political boundaries.

People have no say, and for the most part do not know about the new 'Value Added Tax', which is a 25% tax on EVERYTHING you can purchase, but will not show up on your receipt, but will be just worked into the price, so you can't see it. Now this is fine, if you take away Income tax, or any of the thousands of different taxes we pay, and do not realize it.

We have many nationalized car companies, banks and financial institutions, meaning the role of capitalism in this country has taken a back seat to politics and government control.

You can not disagree with anyone except, christians, jews, heterosexual white men, or conservatives, without being labeled a racist, or prejudiced. Political Correctness has evolved into fascism.

There are so many other things I could list, but the point is this. This great country WAS founded on Christian values. Our Forefathers drafted the Constitution of the United States to protect our freedoms and to protect us from some sort of totalitarian, imperialist, facist, etc. government in the future. We have a president who is a constitutional lawyer, yet he and Congress continues to impede on our freedoms and violate our constitution regularly.

I cannot believe that I live in a country where I am afraid to speak my mind, or write blogs such as this one. Where groups like the military, conservatives, protestant christians, etc. are now on a watch list generated by the office of homeland security the labels the above groups of people and more as possible domestic terrorists.

We need to speak up now, before it is to late. WE need to vote in EVERY election and do research on all those who are running instead of listening to pieces of main stream media reports and voting down party lines. This is not about the left or the right agenda, but about the rights and freedoms of ALL americans. This is about OUR america, what we want, not what some politician tells us what is good for us. A lot of those in office act like we don't know what is best, like we aren't able to choose for ourselves. This is how it starts, I am afriad. SO please if you are reading this, write your politicians, research, speak up, and vote. This is all of our country, these people including the President, the congress, the govenors, etc. work for us, all of us, and it is time to give them a progress report, and when necessary replace them when we visit the voting booth. We need to get back to our core values as a country, and remember our history and learn from it, and remember that we live in the most free and the greatest country in the world...The United States of America.

Anonymous said...

As I see it, a lot of people voted for our President based on two things, 1) that he was a different politician, and 2) his message of change.
Well, it turns out he is simply another politician that says what people want to hear and then does what he wants after being elected. In only six months, the list of his failure to keep his word is rather long - no earmarks, no lobbyist, etc.
As far as change, he is doing, although on a grander scale, exactly what the former President did. Ramping up the war, stimulus packages on steroids, in bed with the health care industry, etc.
It is truly amazing to me how the American spirit of wanting to believe our elected leaders can continue after so many disappointments. I would even bet that we will re-elect most of our current Congressional people - I would call them representatives except that is the last thing they are.

Anonymous said...

The response from the recent articles concerning Code Enforcement making reference to our county administration, some of the county employees, mainly the code enforcement area and our county council, where violations and codes are not being enforced seem to be plaguing this county. There are those councilmen, the wannabes for the next county executive, but what makes them think they are best suited for this position when they will not address issues that have been registered by the constituents, that are legitimate when code violations exist in these county neighborhoods. To have residents of this county continue to register these complaints without any resolve is getting out of hand when most of them have been proven to be a violation of the zoning laws. It is unconscionable to even think humans could treat other humans with such disrespect as this county administration and our County Council has in some parts of this county. There is one Parkville neighborhood that is in need of new sewers, where residents have had raw sewage in their basements, but when a county employee was approached about the seriousness of this health hazard, it was like one was talking to the wall, no response to this person's question.
Then we have Mike Mohler, Deputy Director of Code Enforcement who has attended several community meetings and when one resident asked about water draining onto her property, said nothing could be done. What about the trash and garbage being strewn over another neighborhood. What about water being deliberating dumped onto others when it is such an easy fix, compliance of the law. Mike Mohler and Peter O'Malley were hired by this administration to bring compliance in order, but so far, there are still many areas in this county that have yet to see compliance and the residents are getting tired of the runaround, having to deal with violations that should not even exist.
To have 20 people in a row house is only asking for trouble, and I feel that there are many who think something can be done when such a complaint has been registered with this office of Code Enforcement. There are a lot of health issues involved in overcrowded housing and who is to say they are related or not. Only one way to find this out, legal documentation and then using some common sense by this Code Enforcement office as well as showing some concern for the other neighbors in the area. This is where our councilmen should be stepping in, but when violations exist, they are nowhere to be found or they just do not want to get involved and they are representing us!
Come on ladies, there have got to be some ladies in the sixth and seventh districts who could give these men a run for their money. They need someone to show them that women are just as good at this council job as they are, or better. We need good representation for a change! I think us constituents have something going, let’s make it happen! So, "VOTE THEM OUT" would be the right thing to do as well as replacing those who have failed us when they were hired to serve each and every resident equally no matter what.

Anonymous said...

How are our Congressmen Sarbanes, Kratovil and Ruppersberger representing us? By a 20 to 1 margin, the citizens were against the energy bill (better known as the Cap and Trade Bill), but our esteemed representatives voted for it. This bill will raise energy costs on an average of $1,400/year for electricity, fuel, oil, gasoline and natural gas. Further, this bill will also affect anyone who wishes to sell their house. The government will have the right to come into your home and check that all appliances, furnaces, windows and doors are energy efficient. The seller will have to replace any items that do not meet Federal standards before it can be sold. The excuse our representatives use for voting for this bill is it will clean up the air; however, they know that it will make very little difference because India, China and Mexico refuse to lower their carbon output. They will also state it will create green jobs. Again, they are aware that Spain has a cap and trade bill and for every one temporary green job created, they have lost two regular jobs.
Now we come to the National Health Care bill that is going to cost $1.5 trillion dollars. Our Congressmen will not even sign a pledge that they will read the bill and make sure the citizens have 72 hours to read the bill before they vote on it. They failed to read the Cap and Trade Bill before they voted on it; therefore, it is important that this time they read this bill. They have also refused to give up their gold health care insurance for the public option. It appears that what is good for the public is not good enough for them.
It is time we, the citizens, take back our government and get rid of those on both the Federal and State levels who refuse to represent our interest.

Anonymous said...

I want to address the last two issues of this wonderful newspaper.
I have lived in this community for the past 52 years and feel I have not been represented by anyone elected. Yes, I vote.
I have an issue that my parents put up with almost 35 years ago. I now have the property. The Commons at White Marsh (aka Maple Crest), nobody (Mike Mohler, Code Enforcement- Towson) wants to hear anything I have to say, living next to a development that started out so good all those years ago but went downhill in a hurry.
I heard MTO (Moving to Opportunity), yeah, Dutch have you looked at the trash in the streets or my yard... but you have increased my property tax by one thousand dollars in the last five years, because I improved my home - what is up with that? We voted him in, didn’t we?
So I will end this shortly, because I understand where Tom Bowling and Janet Keplinger are coming from.
All we can do is VOTE THEM OUT! I hope everyone should have a problem with the local government that understands where we are coming from, and VOTE them out. It’s our right.

Anonymous said...

Having spent 30 years as a pyschologist, 15 of those years as a behavioral psychologist, I am going to tell you that the so-called success of this “cash for clunkers” idea is questionable at best ... and I’m going to tell you why.
Every behavioral psychologist that hasn’t suffered brain damage will tell you that if the deciding stimulus (offering $4,500 for each clunker) for buying new cars (thus increasing production for new cars) is withdrawn, and barring the introduction of another unforeseen deciding stimulus to take its place, the buying of these new cars will revert back to the level before the stimulus was enacted and so will the production of these new cars. Therefore, these bribes will have to continue for this program to have continued success. This means that billions more of our taxpayer dollars will have to be paid ... on and on.
I don’t believe the taxpayers will tolerate this idea. The only thing I can guess is our government’s reasoning for this program, outside of assuming that they are just stupid, is that they are hoping and praying that some other deciding stimulus will eventually kick in and “save the day.” If this other stimulus doesn’t kick in, this program is doomed. I have another idea. Why don’t these politicians hire people who know what they are talking about to develop ideas for stimulating this economy?